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If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen in the Baltimore area, Canton Kitchen should be your first call. As specialists in kitchen and bath design and remodeling for over 20 years, Canton Kitchen brings unparalleled expertise and stunning aesthetics to every project. Read on to learn why Canton Kitchen is redefining the industry of kitchen design Baltimore.

Kitchen remodels involve making significant changes to one of the most important rooms in your home. With so many options for layouts, cabinets, countertops, appliances, and more, the process can feel overwhelming. That’s where working with Canton Kitchen’s team of professional designers makes all the difference.

Our expert designers will guide you through the entire remodel process, from initial consultations to final walkthroughs. We listen closely to understand your unique needs, lifestyle, and vision for your new kitchen. With our help, you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful, functional space that suits your family and home design perfectly.

Kitchen design Baltimore MD

Custom Cabinetry Unleashes Your Baltimore Kitchen’s Potential

One of the biggest aspects of any kitchen remodel is the cabinetry. Canton Kitchen offers completely custom cabinetry designed specifically for your kitchen’s layout and your family’s needs. Custom cabinets allow you to optimize every inch of space and create specialized storage solutions.

Our skilled craftsmen construct your cabinets on-site at our Timonium showroom facility using only the highest quality materials. From standard cabinets to pull-out pantries, butcher block islands, and other storage innovations, we’ll design the ideal cabinetry for your kitchen.

Beyond functionality, our custom cabinets also provide limitless design flexibility. Choose from a huge array of wood species, finishes, door styles, and hardware to match any décor and budget. Work with our design team to create cabinets that become a stunning focal point in your new kitchen.

Countertops Tailored to Your Cooking and Cleaning Needs

Kitchen design Baltimore MD

The countertops form your kitchen’s workhorse surface for food prep, cooking, and entertaining. Canton Kitchen offers an extensive selection of countertop materials so you can find the perfect surface for your lifestyle.

Options range from granite, marble, quartz, laminate, solid surface, and butcher block. Your designer will explain the pros and cons including durability, maintenance, stain resistance, and cost. Together, we’ll select countertops that combine everyday functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Flooring That Complements Your Kitchen Remodel

While people often focus on cabinetry and countertops, don’t underestimate the difference new floors can make in your kitchen remodel. Durable, easy-to-clean flooring creates a strong foundation for the rest of your kitchen design Baltimore.

Canton Kitchen offers stunning and sensible flooring solutions including tile, stone, vinyl plank, laminate, and hardwood. Each material provides unique benefits related to water resistance, durability, comfort underfoot, and ease of installation. We’ll help you choose flooring that complements your cabinets, countertops, and overall home décor.

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Designer Lighting for Form and Function

Lighting completes the look and function of your new kitchen. Our lighting designers work with you to create a lighting plan that meets your specific needs. Task lighting illuminates food prep areas and cooking surfaces. Accent lighting highlights architectural details and décor. Ambient lighting sets the overall tone and feel of the space.

From sleek LED undercabinet lights to dramatic pendant lights over islands, our lighting solutions blend seamlessly into your design. We’ll ensure you have ample bright, glare-free lighting for cooking, eating, and entertaining in your refreshed kitchen.

Cabinet Storage Innovations Maximize Your Available Space

This this post HERE we break down all the best tips for kitchen design Baltimore storage space.

One of the top goals of any kitchen remodel is increased storage space. From pots and pans to small appliances and food staples, you need a place for everything in your kitchen. Our designers have a knack for maximizing every inch of real estate.

Some of our favorite storage solutions include pull-out shelves, roll-out drawers, appliance garages, and pantry cabinets. Let us analyze your kitchen storage needs and incorporate specialized solutions into your new cabinetry and overall layout. Your kitchen will offer streamlined storage that makes items easily accessible when cooking and entertaining.

Revitalize Your Kitchen and Bath Design Together

Since many homeowners remodel their kitchen and bathroom(s) in tandem, Canton Kitchen provides coordinated design services. Our experts adeptly match cabinets, countertops, fixtures, finishes, and themes across your kitchen and bath areas. We’ll create a cohesive look that carries throughout the main living spaces in your home.

Combining your kitchen and bathroom projects offers potential cost savings compared to completing them separately. We can negotiate better pricing on cabinetry, countertops, and other materials needed in both rooms. Our project managers also efficiently coordinate construction timelines across both spaces.

Seamless Installation Delivers Stunning Results

Canton Kitchen handles your entire remodel from initial design to final cleanup. Our in-house team, including skilled carpenters and construction workers, will demo your existing kitchen, complete all necessary structural work, and install your new kitchen. We maintain strict quality control and cleanliness standards throughout the remodel process.

Our easy, stress-free process enables us to deliver stunning results on time and on budget. We also back every project with our exclusive limited lifetime warranty on materials and labor. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures you absolutely love your new kitchen!

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Canton Kitchen Experts Offer Full-Service Design

Unlike many kitchen design showrooms, Canton Kitchen is a full-service kitchen design Baltimore company. We provide all design services in-house rather than subcontracting work out. We have key relationships with the best contractors and can help quarterback and coordinate your entire kitchen project.

Canton Kitchen serves customers across Baltimore including Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your initial design consultation. We can’t wait to make your dream kitchen a reality!

Key Takeaways When Remodeling Your Kitchen with Canton Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can feel like a daunting task but Canton Kitchen makes the process easy and enjoyable. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Consult with Canton Kitchen’s professional designers to create the optimal layout and material selections for your kitchen and lifestyle
  • Consider combining your kitchen remodel with bathrooms to achieve a cohesive design and maximize cost savings
  • Take advantage of Canton Kitchen’s completely custom cabinetry and extensive countertop options to create your ideal look
  • Upgrade lighting, flooring, and storage solutions for enhanced functionality and visual appeal
  • Work with Canton Kitchen’s experienced in-house team for a seamless remodel from start to finish
  • Trust Canton Kitchen to deliver stunning results on time and on budget thanks to their full-service design and contracting services

Bring your kitchen dreams to life and enjoy this essential space even more with a remodel from Canton Kitchen – the leading experts in kitchen design Baltimore.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kitchen design center?

A kitchen design center is a specialized showroom or facility where homeowners and professionals can visit to explore different kitchen design options, choose materials, appliances, and fixtures, and get expert advice and guidance on creating their ideal kitchen space.

How can I find the best kitchen design?

Finding the best kitchen design involves considering your personal preferences, budget, and the expertise of professional designers. Look for reputable kitchen design companies or consult with interior design experts who can understand your needs and translate them into a well-designed kitchen space.

What is the role of interior design in a remodeling project?

Interior design plays a crucial role in a remodeling project as it focuses on creating aesthetically pleasing and functional interior spaces. It involves selecting colors, materials, furniture, and accessories that align with the client’s style and preferences while ensuring optimal use of space.

Why is the kitchen often referred to as the heart of the home?

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home because it is a central gathering and socializing space for families and friends. It is where meals are prepared, conversations take place, and memories are made, making it a vital and cherished part of any household. With such an important space, a kitchen design Baltimore expert can help ensure you plan for all the things you might not even consider beyond just kitchen cabinets.

What is involved in a bathroom design and remodeling project?

A bathroom design and remodeling project typically includes planning and implementing changes to the layout, fixtures, finishes, and overall aesthetics of a bathroom. It can range from simple updates to complete renovation, aiming to create a visually pleasing and functional bathroom space.

How do I choose the right kitchen remodeling contractor?

Choosing the right kitchen remodeling contractor involves considering their experience, reputation, portfolio, and client testimonials. Look for professionals who specialize in kitchen remodeling, offer comprehensive services, and prioritize customer satisfaction to ensure the best outcome for your project. Kitchen design Baltimore is our expertise.